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Hebrew, Our True Language


Shalawam brothers and sisters……

DID YOU KNOW THAT THE HEBREW LANGUAGE GOES ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE TIME OF ADAM AND EVE ? Yes that’s right!!! The Hebrew language is the oldest language on the Earth. All languages come out  of  or   are   derived    from   the    Ancient    Hebrew

( Lashawan Qadash ). Let’s begin by tracing the root of the Hebrew. The word Hebrew (IBarYath) comes from the root word IBar  or Eber (meaning past ). Prior to the flood recorded in Genesis 7:7, all nations on the Earth spoke one language, the Lashawan Qadash. Noah and his family carried that language with them, including all his sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth ( Genesis 11:1 ). These sons grew into great nations and during the time of Nimrod and the tower of Babel the Most High confounded their language and separated them ( Genesis 11: 7,8 ). But the Most High had chosen the seed of Shem to preserve his language. During ancient times the children of Shem were named after certain events that occurred. For example : Peleg  ( meaning to divide ) was given his name because during his days the earth was divided ( Genesis 10: 25 ) .  Even though the nations  could not understand each other, the language they spoke was a dialect of the original tongue carried by the sons of Eber. Most of the written letters were almost the same. Check out these examples of the Phoenician, Aramaic, Samaritan, Old Hebrew, Proto Sinaitic Hebrew and Modern Hebrew.


Aramaic Alphabet   1000-600 B.C.E

Samaritan Alphabet     600 B.C.E

Old Hebrew Alphabet  800 B.C.E.

Proto-Sinaitic Hebrew 1900 B.C.E

Modern Hebrew

All these languages have one thing in common, they are all spoken without vowels. The Hebrew they speak today isn’t Hebrew at all, it’s called Yiddish. It’s a Germanic language written with Modern Hebrew letters and pronounced with vowels. Vowels were added to the Hebrew during the time of the Greeks and Romans after about 200 B.C.E. Even though the Greeks had an oral language they had no written language at this time. Their language consisted of consonants and vowels. They adopted the Hebrew letters as their written language and incorporated the vowels so they can speak and understand it. When they adopted the alphabet, not only did they change the direction from right to left to left to right, but they also turned the letters around so we can have the English alphabet today. Thus in a process of time the original pronunciation of the Hebrew was lost. Many people believe that Christ spoke Aramaic, that’s because the Aramaic as well as the Phoenician was very close to the old Hebrew. During the 19th Century the Hebrew language was revived by a so-called Jewish linguist named Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, but this was not the original Hebrew.

It became the official language of British Palestine in 1921 and in 1948 when the so-called Jewish people entered our land and Israel became a state, this became their primary language. The modern hebrew they write with was adopted by an Israelite scribe named Ezra about 440 B.C.E. during the Assyrian-Babylonian captivity. In Zepheniah 3: 9 the Most High says He’ll turn to the people a pure language so they can call on His name. This pure language would seem to be the original Hebrew or the holy tougue ( Lashawan Qadash ) as spoken before the flood, before it was polluted and mixed with the other languages of the world. The real Jews and biblical Israelites, through much research and spiritual insight from the Most High have uncovered these facts and have taken back our true identity and language. This is the language, we as Hebrew Israelites should try to communicate to the Most High with. Israel as a nation has had many dialects of the Hebrew. Through the scriptures we can see the difference in the Hebrew as we read from Genesis to Revelations. That is not to say that one is wrong or one is right, but in due time the Most High will reveal to us all things. Even though we have no way of knowing the correct pronunciation, we have to go back to the basics. All things come from the spiritual world even our language. When a child is born without the influence of this world, the first sound it makes is the ah sound. Such sounds are as in mama, dada, baba and gaga these all have the ah sound at the end of each letter. This might sound very simple or trivial, but so is purity and simplicity of this language. Here are some examples in the scriptures: Mark 14:36  where Christ calls the Most High AbbaMathew 27:46  where Christ says “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? “ Notice the ah sound on each letter. So we must hold fast to what we are given now. Below are some of the pronunciations of the Hebrew alphabet our Israelite scolars have come up with through the spirit of the Most High ( Amos 3: 7 and Coll. 1;26 ) You will notice that the only vowel sound you hear is the ah sound.  The letters are connected by dropping the last vowel sound. Also remember the Hebrew language is read from right to left!!!!!                 <----

Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

The  letters can be connected by dropping the last vowel sound, most likely the “a” or “aa”.   Check out the examples below.

Read this direction  <--- ( from right to left )

Once you master this you can start reading this:

I hope that you received some edification in our language through the Spirit of  Yahawah and Yahawashi. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.